Survival Chinese is highly recommended to learn after learning Chinese pronunciation, which is suitable for beginners who are planning to travel in China, or get survived in daily life, or just experience Chinese studying. In these following 4 videos, we are going to learn some basic expressions, including simple self-introduction, greetings, numbers and time, etc. Please don't be shy, follow your teacher's instructions and speak Chinese. You will find it's very helpful for your improvement.

  • 1 Self-introduction Introduce our name and nationality, also greet new friends.FREE 00:05:14
  • 2 Courtesy Expressions 5 group basic courtesy expressions. 00:06:00
  • 3 Greeting Let's learn how to greet people. 00:04:38
  • 4 Live in China When we talk with Chinese, we'd better know these sentences and questions. 00:07:07
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