Elementary I

Elementary I is based on Breakthrough, starts from Unit 6. We're going to learn conversations in daily life, including telling your opinions, directions and going to some places, introducing people, asking more questions, etc. If you're planning to take HSK level 1, then this course is necessary to be added to your study list. Please don't be shy, follow teacher's instructions and practice Chinese with teacher. You will find it's very helpful, also feel confident.

  • Unit 6-1 One basic sentence structure 3 adjectives to describe "you're fine", etc.FREE 00:09:34
  • Unit 6-2 I'm too busy 2 adverbs to describe different degree. 00:08:47
  • Unit 6-3 Greetings Mary greets Wang Ming. 00:03:40
  • Unit 7-1 Describe your feelings 4 adjectives to tell "you're hungry", etc.FREE 00:10:08
  • Unit 7-2 Describe your opinion Let's learn 3 verbs to tell your opinion about some food and drinks. 00:10:48
  • Unit 7-3 "Yes" or "No" questions II Just put 2 adjective patterns together to get a question. 00:06:10
  • Unit 7-4 Chatting I Mary asks Wang Ming if he's hungry or not. 00:06:04
  • Unit 8-1 4 Useful Adjectives Adjectives about price, study, etc. 00:11:01
  • Unit 8-2 3 Useful Verbs Verbs about learning. 00:06:38
  • Unit 8-3 "Yes" or "No" questions III This kind of question with verb is similar with the question with adjective. 00:09:43
  • Unit 8-4 Chatting II Mary talks with Pier learning Chinese. 00:05:38
  • Unit 9-1 5 Useful Adjectives 5 Adjectives to describe places, etc. 00:10:50
  • Unit 9-2 Summary for Adjectives 00:06:24
  • Unit 9-3 Talking about your city Wang Ming and David talk about their places. 00:03:30
  • Unit 10-1 Just one word for "look; read…" 2 often used verbs describing actions with eyes or earsFREE 00:06:03
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