Conversational Chinese is highly recommended to learners who plan to master Chinese systematically, which is corresponding to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) and also HSK (official Chinese Level Test). In these series of videos, lots of practical topics are included. Here, Breakthrough is basic Chinese speaking course suitable for beginners just finished Chinese Pronunciation, which includes self-introduction, greetings, numbers and time, etc. Follow teacher's instructions and speak Chinese. You will find it's very helpful for your improvement.

  • Unit 1-1 Courtesy Expressions Let's learn how to say "thanks", "sorry", etc. And also how to respond them.FREE 00:08:56
  • Unit 1-2 Names I Introduce our name. Also learn how to ask people's name. 00:05:16
  • Unit 1-3 Names II Summary of personal pronouns. 00:05:28
  • Unit 1-4 Surname Chinese prefer asking surname at the first time meeting. And how do we ask? 00:04:07
  • Unit 1-5 Questions with "ne" An easy way to ask question in a context. 00:03:24
  • Unit 1-6 Self-introduction A dialogue between Mary and Wang Ming. They meet each other at the first time. 00:03:40
  • Unit 2-1 Nationality I Introduce our nationality.FREE 00:08:25
  • Unit 2-2 Nationality II Let's learn how to ask nationality. 00:05:04
  • Unit 2-3 "Yes" or "No" questions I We put "ma" in the end of a statement to get a question. 00:07:42
  • Unit 2-4 How to say "like" Tell what you like and dislike. 00:08:17
  • Unit 2-5 Let's learn "both/ all" and "also" Practice the 2 words with teacher. 00:07:55
  • Unit 2-6 Meeting new friends Annie introduces their nationality to Wang Ming. 00:06:27
  • Unit 3-1 Things I 5 new words of things 00:06:19
  • Unit 3-2 Things II Another 5 words of things 00:08:17
  • Unit 3-3 This/ that is … Learn 2 structures to Introduce things. 00:06:38
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